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I had the opportunity to try 4 of Bees Teas and the infuser:

Lady of the Night – perfect
Patriot Love – pleasantly surprised as what i thought wouldve been my least favorite turned out to be one of my faves
White Flesh Chai – yummy
Young Wolfberry – yassssssss

Cant wait to try some more – up next Smurf’s Drip and Jamaican Rum

Renee Lucas

I ordered a mug (my second one because it’s such a practical design) and some tea bags. I use the infuser mug even with the tea bags as well as with the loose tea. I love that you have the top to put the tea bag on after it has steeped.

I was amazed at how quickly I received my order. It was not only packaged really well, but Bee also included some samples. Can’t wait to try them.

I am so impressed with this tea company. Bee is so knowledgable about all things tea. I cannot say enough good things to describe my experience with her. I highly recommend her products and her company.

Mary A Pearson

I been a regular customer since spring, or early summer last year. I’ve always enjoyed the black tea and Oolong tea line up, but this cream of Earl Grey is the best Earl Grey I’ve ever tried. It’s better than Numi’s aged Earl Grey. And Numi have one of the best Earl Grey teas out there.

Jonathan Ellis

I usually dont drink my tea with any sweetener and ofcourse I could of taste a bit of all the ingredients in that ” Man of the Day ” Oolong tea .
It was very flavourful and very tasteful .👌🏿😀

Thankh you Bee ! I enjoyed it !


In these challenging times it’s nice to find a cup of comfort. We had our cup of cin-fully delicious bees tea in the morning and cup of black goddess at night which was heavenly. Ashe

Paul Osbourne

I purchased the Smurf Drip tea a couple of weeks ago from Bee and I love it!! It tastes really great and is a wonderful tea to unwind the day with. I love the colour it turns…deep blue! Bee is also super amazing. You can tell she puts a lot of love into her creations!! Thanks for a wonderful product!! :).

Jennifer Fisher

I am obsessed with each tea that I have tried from Bees Soulteez. They are so flavorful and amazing to curl up with after a long day. I have recommended this company to many people and I will continue to recommend them to everyone who enjoys tea. Thank you for being amazing Bees Soulteez!

Samantha W

Tea is something that I use to calm me, and to relax after a long day. Bee’s Soulteez is amazing! I couldn’t ask for tea from a better company – they’re real people and they know real tea! Thank you so much!

Jessica White

Bee’s Soulteez is a fantastic, local supplier for all of your tea needs. I received my order quickly and correspondence was above and beyond. Most importantly, the tea is incredible. Shop locally, shop quality!

Ellisha Blair

Bee”s tea is nice and i enjoy a cup in the evening befor bed


I am not a tea drinker per se, but since using Bee’s Tea Mug with Infuser, I think I may convert. Not only is her tea wonderful, but the ease of using this mug is just “my cup of tea”. I love simplicity. I love that, after the tea has steeped, I just lift the lid off the cup and it becomes a holder for the infuser. No muss, no fuss. Dealing with Bee is an absolute delight. She knows her stuff and I highly recommend her for any of your tea desires.

Mary Pearson

I won a Bee’s Soulteez infuser mug in a giveaway, and I’m so so glad I did! I’ve used it many times in the past month. She shipped the mug immediately, and every correspondence I’ve had with Belinda has been nothing short of wonderful. Her passion for and dedication to amazing tea is evident in the way she runs her business and helps her customers. I look forward to coming to her website often, and I dream of one day trying all her teas! Thank you, Bee’s Soulteez!

Paige Smith

Nothing better than a great hot cup of tea to end your day and Bees Soulteez never disappoints! My 2 new addictions Little Hazelnut Pod and Creamy Wrinkle Nut! Fall has never tasted so good!

Cindy Jones

My order came right on time and it was so nicely packaged. Included in my order were free samples as well. Its so hard to choose my favorite as they are all so wonderful. Loving the strawberry blast though!
Thanks for the tea lessons!
Giving nothing less than 5+ stars!

Marcia G

Amazing love her products I can give her five stars I would definitely recommend her products to anyone


These products are amazing! Customer service is great too, very kind and friendly. There is a wide variety of different teas to choose from with lots of health benefits as well! I absolutely recommend these products to anyone. I will never go back to my regular tea and will continue using bees tea!

Rifat M

I was so excited to try the incredible blend of the white flesh chai, it is amazing! I’m truly in love…what every woman needs on a busy day to kick your feet up and relax with this aromatic blend of coconut 🥥
I can’t wait to try my apple drip next! Thank you bees tea~

Nancy B

Nancy Bowers

I just ordered the Taiwanese Earl Grey. The only other Earl Grey I can think of that’s in this ball park is Numi. I am impressed!!! I am looking forward to trying the Darjeeling and English Breakfast teas. 😋😋😋😋

Jonathan Ellis

My favorite tea is Earl Grey, so I ordered the Raspberry Earl Grey and simply fell in love! I’ve never had tea like this before. Tawnie’s Spirit was also one of my favs! My order came in quickly. My diffuser is awesome, I plan on ordering more for gifts for my friends!

Tatiyanna Jones

So happy i made the choice to try these teas! I was a little hesitant at first (since i am an orange pekoe type of girl!!) I purchased the Jamaican Rum and it was delicious. I sat outside and sipped me blend and I really did feel like I was in Jamaica having a tea by the beach! I will def be trying the different flavors you offer! Thanks Beez for introducing me to these new tastes!

Karen Mahabir

Excellent purchase experience. Super fast shipping. Delicious tea Delicious tea Delicious tea!!!! Will definitely reorder and highly recommend!!

Eric Midder

Beez teas amazing selection. I went with 2 different kinds to try the packaging came in high quality and perfect for keeping the teas fresh, both teas are delicious and hit the spot to warming up on a cold day. Can’t wait to order more. Thanks Beez Soulteez

Donna Rachpaul

I placed my order late Saturday night and it was delivered to my door on Monday. I had asked Belinda for a tea recommendation because I like a certain type of tea and she suggested Black Goddess. Let me just say that it SURPASSED my expectations by far. It was AMAZING….I love the aroma and flavor. It does not get any better 🥰🥰🥰
Definitely a lifetime customer. I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors. Love, love, love it.

Denise Thomas

I’m so impressed with Bee’s Soulteez. The ordering was amazingly easy, the shipment came in so fast and the tea’s are delicious, can’t wait to try so many more

Faye Leduc

So many delicious flavours to try! I received my order super fast, and the packaging was so cute! The teas were absolutely delicious, highly recommend you must try it!


I love the health benefits of drinking herbal tea paired with the freshness of beestea blends. My fave is Mystical Wonders!


I bought 5 different teas to try and I can’t fugue out which one I love the most! A fantastic variety to choose from. Great customer service and beautiful packaging. Lifetime customer here ❤️

Nadia Barrett

Very engaging website. I have always been afraid of trying loose leaf teas as the process seems overwhelming. I will give it a try now and with the tea infuser set! I’m excited.

JP Mack

So many amazing options to choose from, I ended up ordering Caribbean Queen and Strawberry Blast in bags. Paying was simple and very accessible options, even E-Transfer! I used PayPal it was fast and easy. Shipping was so quick and when the bag arrived I could smell the tea through the packaging!!! Everything was well packaged and great quality. I love the quotes and art on the box as well. Adds a touch. Over all experience was for sure 5 stars. I will definitely be ordering more soon.

Thanks Bee!!

Adam Hogg

Love this page already.. very educational and well thought out !!! so excited to order tea from Bee’s Soulteez…I recieved my promotional, bees tea mug last week and i’m obssesed
can’t wait to have the first taste 🙂

Brianna Asha

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