1.  Are your teas really organic?

Yes!  I stand firm on this.  Please see our CERTIFIED ORGANIC page for more information.  If in doubt email me and I will provide the credentials you are looking for.

FAQs page shows Bee's Soulteez Mug2.  Can children drink your tea?

Oh yes!  I highly recommend it.  My children love these teas, especially before and after school.  They are very honest about which teas they enjoy and which ones they don’t.


3.  What are your payment options?

I accept Interact E-Transfer and Paypal.  Paypal accepts direct bank withdrawals and most credit cards.


4.  Can I get a free sample?

Of course you can.  Be sure to let me know what you’d like to try, and I will get that off to you ASAP.  It’s always nice to try something new if you’re unsure.

5.  Can tea be reheated?

Tea should never be reheated. If you prepare tea and then forget about it, it is better to put it in the fridge or add a cube of ice to it, to chill it completely. However, if your tea has been sitting for several hours, it is better just to pour it out and prepare a fresh batch, especially if this is green tea or white tea.

6.  Does tea contain caffeine?

Every tea made from the Camellia Sinensis plant contains caffeine, regardless of the type of tea. Herbal teas and fruit teas, which are actually infusions, do not contain caffeine. There are some plants that contain caffeine and have a very stimulative effect, such as guarana, yerba mate and guayusa. Even herbal tea can contain a certain amount of caffeine, though this amount is almost negligible in comparison to black teas. The quantity of caffeine in tea varies by type of tea, and so some green teas can have more, and others less.

7.  How long does tea last

Tea tastes the best when it is consumed within 2–3 months after opening (tea absorbs smell and moisture from its environment). Unopened tea packs if stored properly , depending on the tea can keep for 22  years usually with small loss of taste and smell. Flavored teas and flower tea don’t store well for long periods of time. They are best enjoyed sooner than later., within 1-2 years. Tea does not expire however it just loses its freshness over time

Don’t hesitate to Contact Bee if you have any questions.