Loose or Bags

The choice is yours…

Should I use loose leaf or a tea bag?

Tea sipping has never gone out of fashion.  It proudly maintains the title for the world’s oldest libation. All teas come from the CAMELLIA SINENSIS plant.

loose or bagsPeople often struggle with whether they should buy loose leaf tea, or stick with the bag.  I believe it’s a personal choice.

Some tea lovers prefer the convenience of just throwing a tea bag in a mug to get the process going quickly. Other tea lovers like the process of preparing their tea with loose leaf, which does take a little more time, but is ever so worth it when combined with the meditation approach.

Tea bags have changed over time, and they now allow for proper ventilation and space for the tea to expand and blossom.  This is what you can expect from Bee’s Soul Teez.

As for the loose leaf teas, as you know, it has to be measured and put in an infuser to steep.  This is my ultimate favourite process!!  Refer to “the steep” page for further information.

The fun aspect of loose leaf teas is that they can be stored in transparent glass jars, which are appealing to the eye.  Tea lovers, like myself,  just love, love, love this!  I keep my loose leaf teas on my kitchen counter for their very engaging, decorative and beautiful appearance.  SHOW OFF YOUR TEA!

Whether you’re looking for tea for its medicinal properties or just to relax sipping on these “soul teez”, let it be known that I’ve chosen these high grade organic teas JUST FOR YOU.