Tea Superstitions

A little Bee’s Soulteez fun – some superstitions around tea ☕ have been developed and whether they are true or not they still give us a reason to be cautious with every cup.  Here are some of my favourites.

If two women are drinking tea ☕ together and one of the women wanted to have a baby, they’d do the pouring together, and the woman would become a mother within a year.   

No two women should pour from the same pot or an argument would occur!

Putting milk 🥛 in your tea before sugar could condemn you to a life of solitude.

Leaving the top off the teapot could mean a stranger will bring bad news.  

It’s very bad to forget to put the tea ☕ in the pot before adding the boiling water.  

You will receive bad news 📰 within the week if your tag falls off your tea bag while the bag is in your cup.

The more leaves 🌿 that end up in your cup, the fuller your life will be.  

If any pieces of leaves float to the top, it is an indication of a visit from a stranger or lover.

If you brew a pot of tea ☕ too strong you will make a new friend.

Two spoons 🥄 accidentally placed on the same saucer means a wedding will happen soon.

Bubbles that form in the middle of your cup indicate you will receive a lot of money.  The more bubbles, the more money 💰.  

In other regions, it was believed that if bubbles stick to the side of the cup, then romance is in the air, with each bubble representing a kiss 💋.

Accidentally dropping loose-leaf tea ☕ in your house will bring you good luck.  

Scattering tea leaves in front of your house 🏘 should ward off evil spirits.