The Meaning Behind Bee’s Soulteez

meaning behind bee's soulteezThere’s a fire inside me, and I don’t wanna put out the flames.

When the determination came about to turn my hobby, my addiction to tea, into something I can share with you, it was a given that the title would have “B” in it.¬† The moment I told my family, they said “yes, B’s teas”.¬† Growing up, people have been calling me “B” for years.¬† Some would call me “Bindy”, but “B” was, and is still, the one that is connected to me.


A lot of meditation and sleepless nights went into coming up with it.  When you think of the soul, what comes with it? Mind and body.  Mind, body and soul are all associated with tea

  • ¬†¬†the body serves as vessel
  • ¬†¬†mind has thinking and decision making
  • ¬†¬†soul is the essence of a person (makes up who you are)

As for “teez”, it seemed to be another way that “teas” is pronounced, just spelled differently.¬† I’ve used my mind, body and soul to come up with BEE’S SOUL TEEZ xoxo

What better way to end it off with “Hugs and Kisses” …¬† shhhhhh….this component reminds me of someone.