How To Store Tea Properly


  • Since tea is dry, any type of moisture can ruin it, which is why it’s best to store tea in an airtight container.


  • Keep tea away from heat, which can degrade your tea.  Don’t keep your tea near a window or a stove.  It’s best when kept at room temperature.

how to store tea properlyOdour

  • Tea absorbs odours easily from the air around it, so store it away from anything with too strong of a smell, like spices or coffee.


  • You’ll notice some tea sellers will vacuum-seal the tea bags, and that’s to keep out any air, which will give tea a longer shelf life.  Take the air out of zip bags first before sealing it to take out as much air as possible.


  • Keep tea away from light since it can deteriorate your tea.  This is why it’s not recommended to store tea in glass jars unless it’s kept in a dark place.