How To Steep Tea

How to steep tea… making the perfect cup of Bee’s Soul Teez!

I am a tea enthusiast, and steeping a flawless cup of tea is no simple matter.

While your water is in the process of coming to a boil, think about what mug or tea cup you want for the particular tea you have selected.

Ask yourself why you chose that cup.  Is it the way it looks?  Is it the colour? or is it simply chosen for the mood you feel that day?  It could also be the first cup you saw when you opened that cupboard.

Get your tea scoop, and scoop 1 to 2 teaspoons of Bee’s Soul Teez.  Before you pour this into your infuser, inhale gently to appreciate that aroma this loose leaf tea has bestowed on you.

Meditate on this aroma.  Is it bold?  enticing?  sweet?  subtle?  Explore how alluring it is to your senses.  Let this steep for the amount of time Bee’s Soul Teez has suggested.

While waiting on your freshly brewed tea liquor, it’s time for meditations.

steep teaTalk to yourself and find out what’s new and exciting…  (I’m quoting my mother).

Think about transformations that can be made in your life.

Recognize, acknowledge, and be proud of yourself for the good things you have already accomplished.

Count your blessings, and think of how you can bless someone else today.

Breathe in, breathe out, and explore who you are.


If you have a transparent tea infuser you can see the chemistry of the tea as the leaves unfold, how they gently caress each other and then propel away. You can detect how they blend together, how they “dance” together… it’s like a romance, a new found love affair.  All of this is for your rich cup of tea.  You have just created SPARKLE IN A CUP.

Sip… don’t gulp… enjoy your tea liquor… xoxo