Why Choose Bee’s Soulteez

Communication lines will consistently be open through social media and email to discuss anything tea related 📱

Bee’s Soul Teez is open to constructive criticism to cultivate the company

I am Canadian eh!🍁

One of my objectives is to become a certified Tea Sommelier,once this is accomplished it will enhance my knowledge of the tea industry🍵

I will always share information onto you for continuous learning of loose leaf teas and beyond🍃🌿

I will always remain current with what’s happening in the tea industry

If there is a distinct tea that you are longing to try, that I’m not currently providing, do not hesitate to ask and I will try my best to provide it

I am dedicated in providing 💯 % natural organic loose leaf teas

I consume my own teas that are sourced with endearment I stand by the quality💚

Consuming these teas will bring forth a healthy mindset for you through meditation to become a way of life

HAPPY BIRTHDAY –  for your upcoming birthday you will be surprised with a special gift 🎁